Wild Poetry with David Morley

Course outline
Join us for a magical three days of writing poetry, talking poetry and living poetry in the inspirational woodlands, hills and horizons of Maddy Prior’s Cumbrian household. This dynamic, playful course will allow you the space to explore your imaginative reaches and to stretch the boundaries of your poems. You will enjoy writing and reading poetry, listening to great music, relishing good company and breathing fresh air - with the support of an award-winning poet and the joys of a wonderfully wild landscape.

Who is this course for? Is there a certain skill level which is desirable?
This course is open to all. It is helpful to arrive with an open mind about poetry, about what a poem is and what a poem can do. For new poets this course will boost your confidence and range and give you a fresh sense for poetry’s possibilities. For more experienced poets this course will raise your game and cultivate your confidence in matters of intuition, adventure and a sense for form. For everybody, this course will also bring the natural world tumbling and singing into your poems. David Morley was trained as an ecologist. His workshops at Maddy’s house always take full advantage of the amazing surroundings, rivers and woods. Make sure to bring suitable outdoor clothing and shoes – and a camera!

The Tutor
The ecologist and writer David Morley won the Ted Hughes Award for New Poetry for The Invisible Gift: Selected Poems and a Cholmondeley Award for his contribution to poetry.  His collections includeThe Magic of What’s There, The Gypsy and the Poet, Enchantment and The Invisible Kings. He is recognised as a pioneering conceptual artist for poetry installations within natural landscapes: ‘slow poetry’ sculptures and I-Cast poetry films. David is a popular and world-renowned teacher of creative writing – he is Professor of creative writing in both Britain and Australia! He wrote the bestselling Cambridge Introduction to Creative Writing and many of his students from Arvon and university courses have gone on to stellar careers as poets. For his service to creative writing in higher education he was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship and a Doctor of Letters. David is director of the Warwick Writing Programme - the number one university department for creative writing in the UK. His poetry workshops are famous for their energy, articulacy and enjoyment.

‘Like opening a box of fireworks; something theatrical happens when you open its pages, and a curtain is raised on a tradition that has been overlooked…Ted Hughes wrote about the natural magical and mythical world; The Invisible Gift is a natural successor…’. – Ted Hughes Award Judges
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