"It’s great! The work is usually physical and it’s skilled or not, whatever you want to offer... roofing, clearing ditches, painting, chopping wood, digging, sewing …..and lots more! It’s great because all you have to do is get yourself there and join in, all the thinking and the catering, is done for you and the accommodation is on site. So, no worries, great company, time to relax after a hard days work. Then, in the evening, lots of music."

on our Working Weekends
next one:
17th-19th February 2017

Want to join our team? 
For 3 days, twice a year we invite a handful of people to stay at the barn for free in exchange for some help around the site. This usually entails working together on a range of DIY tasks. As always, delicious homemade food is provided and on-site accommodation is available. 
If you are interested in a some satisfying work and an inexpensive change of scenery then come and join us for community spirit, good food, singing and merriment. 
We need your skills!
Enquire by emailing Emma sbadmin@maddyprior.co.uk